GOP Say “Nay to Ye.”

Should we say “Yay?”

The latest bruhaha regarding Donald Trump is that he dined with a Black White nationalist antisemite and his neo-nazi buddies. If you have any doubts as to the toxicity of Ye, consider the fact that he’s too far beyond the pale for even Elon Musk, who decided to suspend his twitter account after he posted an image of a swastika and Jewish star.

If character is judged by the company one keeps, nothing could be more revealing about Trump’s than was this intimate little fete. Not that his character hasn’t been crystal clear for decades.

The Republican party, by bowing and scraping to their ignorant, megalomaniacal, antisemitic, racist, criminal standard bearer for the past eight years, have likewise revealed their own character.

Some of them, being ignorant racists themselves, genuflect to him out of genuine admiration.

The rest of them do because many of the voters who support them are ignorant, antisemitic racists who worship Trump above Jesus (who, whenever these hypocrites pray to him, must either weep or have a good laugh).

Not one Republican would dare criticize this buffoon, no matter what he said or did. Not any who wanted to return to Congress after the next election anyway.

Tump’s racism has long been beyond question. His antisemitism is evidenced by his failure to condemn neo-nazis, his perception American Jews are, or would be expected to be, more loyal to Israel than to the US and his “some of my best friends are Jewish” protestations based on his son-in-law’s professed orthodox Judaism.

Jared Kushner, in all the photos I’ve seen of him, appears never to wear a skull cap. My understanding is that orthodox Jews almost never take them off. As Grandma would say, “Azoy ah Jew? He’s a Jew like I’m the Queen of England.”

As for character, Kushner fits well in the Trump mob, carrying on the pedigree of his ex-con dad. Fortunately, his character is not typical of Jews, one of whom invented good character on top of Mt. Sinai.

So now a disgraced and disgraceful off the wall rapper shows up at Mar-a-lago for dinner with his bigoted buddies, and Donald sits them down to his usual dinner, burned steak and ice cream ( two scoops for him and one for his guests. Now there’s the best sign of bad character). Suddenly, all these Republicans crawl out from under their rocks and condemn Trump for being the racist antisemite he’s obviously been all along.

Did Ye open their eyes?

That’s even less likely than the explanation I received from A. Lester Lord. ( If his name does not ring a bell, for shame; you have not read my novels. They are still available on Amazon Kindle books, still relevant spin a gripping yarn. If you like these blogs, you will love these books. Better yet, you will enrich me by 2 bucks each. )

Here’s what Lester told me. One of God’s angelic assistants recently discovered a cache of two thousand years’ worth of Christian thoughts and prayers from planet Earth that had somehow got shunted into the spam folder of the celestial computer.

Ah-ha! That’s why the shootings never stopped.

“Uh-oh,” he’d have said to his Boss, “maybe you need to speak with those evangelicals ministers you aways chat up and with the Republican Congresspersons and tell them to go forth and proclaim that Trump’s attitude doesn’t jive with their obvious love and acceptance for all God’s children.”

The real epiphany for the Republican politicians, of course, was that Trump endorsed the lowest of the low candidates in the recent elections and they mostly lost. Not nearly by a big enough margin to restore my faith in the American character, but I’ll take it.

Republican politicians didn’t need the enlightenment of the Ye incident or the light of God to realize it’s time to dump Trump. Ye is just their excuse. Finally, some decent conservative voters have had enough of Trump and his gaggle of MAGA goons. They judged his endorsed candidates by the despicable company they keep. To be specific, Trump. Let us hope they will soon judge their incumbents by the same standard.

Make no mistake. Republicans remain unreformed and unrepentant. What’s changed is that Trump is now seen as a detriment rather than an enhancement to their electability. That big hulking alpha gorilla that paced the stage while Hillary pretended to be engaged in a debate is a fast aging silverback. He sits chomping on his burgers and fries casting furtive glances at younger rivals who would happily send him off into the jungle to dream of the old days when he could grab all the prime females he desired by their you-know-whats.

Don’t breathe a sigh of relief, though. The party is well supplied with Trump-like knuckle draggers who would be more than happy to pick up where he will, by the grace of God, soon leave off.

I’m sure my readers are not fooled for one second by the GOP’s sudden, mostly half-hearted, surge of self-righteous protestations. It’s long been all too clear that the character of most Republican politicians leaves much to be desired. It’s no less clear that their opportunistic and cynical ploy to distance from Trump, ostensibly by reason of his character, is all about their own electability. Just one more sign of the bad character for which they richly deserve to be condemned.

Don’t thank Ye. All the elephants in the room knew what Trump was long before he opened the door of his low class glitzy Florida mansion and welcomed in the most despicable guests ever.

They were simply too cowardly and self-serving to say so.

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