Cancel Mr. Rogers

(Author’s note: For the benefit of readers who are not familiar with me or my body of work, I wish to make it clear that the following is satire.)

Mr. Rogers was a threat to the “American Way of Life,” and, thanks to the extreme left wing public TV stations that keep re-running him, even though his soul is burning in the fiery pits of Hell, he still is.

There he was all that time on the TV teaching innocent little White kids that it’s OK to like everyone “just because they’re them.” Yeah. Everyone. Blacks, Jews, Asians, immigrant rapist drug dealers, LGTBQ-whatevers., Nancy, Joe and all the rest of the Dems. You name it. That meek and mild, left wing, woke, wuss was no role model for our kids. He was an example of everything that’s gone wrong with our once great and moral nation. On top of that, the twerp always did seem a little “light on his feet,” don’t you think?

Sure, as good Christians we believe in loving our neighbor, but there’s a limit you know. Won’t we be his neighbor? We sure won’t. Probably lived in one of those hell hole cities with the dirt, drugs, crime and all different color people. We’re supposed to move to a place like that? Yeah, right.

It’s plain to see that his pathetic excuse for a show was a plot to shove those touchy, feely democrat “values” into our kids’ heads. Clearly he was trying to turn our manly, red-blooded little guys into sissified college educated coastal elites. Or worse, groom them to go gay or some worse perversion.

Back in the good old days, boys were boys. They got toy guns for Christmas (Yeah, Christmas. Remember when it was OK to wish everybody a merry one?) and played cowboys and Indians and war games. They knew the good guys from the bad guys. Sure as shootin’. With the world so dangerous as it is with all those antifa and BLM characters protesting against the cops and burning the cities, praise Jesus that we can equip them with the real thing now. God bless Kyle Rittenhouse, Sam Alito and the rest of our guys on the Supreme Court.

As if things aren’t bad enough, now there’s this “Social Emotional Training” crap. If schools keep teaching it, there’s no telling how far it will go. SET is a Trojan horse. Hiding inside is Critical Race Theory. They say it’s supposed to help the kids “handle their feelings, develop communication skills and make good decisions.” We all know what they mean by “good” decisions, don’t we?

In my day, guys didn’t handle their feelings. Real men didn’t even have any feelings to handle. What we handled was anybody who gave us any guff. Communication? Hell, you wanna communicate? Fine. Listen to me and keep your mouth shut or I’ll shut it for you.

Communication skills? It’s a short hop from “good” communication skills to actually getting involved with the…well, you know who I mean…

Yeah, yeah. They say this so called SET leads to better academic achievement and it’s not tied to any political viewpoint. Sure. Academic achievement is highly overrated. They only measure it by what they fill the kids’ heads with to begin with. My kids don’t need all that highfalutin’ literature and girly poetry and fake history and pseudo-science and civics to get along just fine in the world. They can quote scriptures chapter and verse. Let’s see those little eggheads at their fancy schools match that.

We know exactly what they’re up to, Mr. Rogers and those lily livered liberals, pushing their lefty values on our kids, and we’re not having it. Not a bit.

They want to see communication? Let’s go to the PTA meetings, scream our heads off and add this SET, this vicious assault on our precious God given freedom, to the list of things to get out of the classroom along with all that other subversive stuff like CRT, sex education and poetry. While you’re there let the librarians know they better get rid of the trash they’re pushing into our kids’ innocent little minds, or else.

You noticed the “social” in SET, didn’t you? Just turn the letters around to EST. That reveals it’s code for ” Embedding Socialism in Tykes.” But wait, there’s more. S is letter number 19, E is letter 5 and T is letter 20 giving us 1925, the year Scopes was found guilty at the Monkey Trial. The libs are still fuming about that and the fact that we saved our kids from being taught all that evolution baloney. They needed to find another bogus idea to teach our kids. SET is it.

Protect your kids and America. If you don’t, before you know it all your boys will wind up thinking they’re gay or trans, voting for the Dems and marrying Black, brown or yellow girls… or worse, boys.

And for God’s sake keep your shoes on in the house. Do not put on a cardigan. If it’s chilly turn up the heat and burn some oil or gas. Better yet, get a coal furnace. Show those libs we own ’em. And, whenever Mr. Rogers re-runs are playing, put on a good old fashioned manly action movie with plenty of gunfire, explosions and car chases and the kind of women who know their place.

Now they’re trying to railroad that great patriot Oath Keeper, Stewart Rhodes for “seditious conspiracy,” but we know who the real conspirators are, don’t we? Almost too bad Rogers is dead. Wouldn’t you just love to see him locked up in the same cell with Twinkle Toes Joe after we take over in November? Once we do, they’ll never steal another election again. We’ll be the ones who are all “SET.” And the first thing we’ll do will be to defund PBS and all those other artsy- fartsy wastes of taxpayer money and get Mr. Rogers off the air. Forever.

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