Time To End the Civil War

Preface: This blog was written Friday, Dec. 17. On Saturday morning I opened the Post and saw an article by Dana Milbank reporting on the CIA Political Instability Taskforce’s findings that the US has all the earmarks of a nation perched on the brink of all out civil war. Since Donald Trump took office, our rating on a scale of 1-10 for level of democracy has slipped from 10 to 5. We are now no longer a democracy but an “anocracy,” a hybrid between democracy and autocracy. We have passed through the first two phases along the road to civil war, the “pre-insurgency” phase and “incipient conflict.” It’s possible the Jan 6 uprising was the beginning of the final stage, open warfare, in which case we are already engaged in a civil war. But read on, because what the report failed to observe is that we have actually been in a civil war continuously since 1860. While this is no laughing matter, I hope you will get a chuckle out of this “solution” to the problem. ND

When did the War of Northern Aggression, as many here in Virginia still call it, end? If you said “1865” you are incorrect. That war never ended. We are in the 156th year of one of history’s longest truces. It’s long past time to end the war.

The monster tornadoes that hit Kentucky recently gave me an idea on how to finally bring that about.

I read that Sen. Rand Paul, who has consistently opposed federal aid to states hit by natural disasters, suddenly changed his tune, requesting a big federal handout for his Kentucky home after the sun didn’t shine so brightly on it. These folks don’t truck with the feds mucking about in their state. But in this case, they will gladly make an exception.

If I were, God forbid, in Biden’s shoes, I’d have surveyed the damage and told the Kentuckians I could send them a whole bunch of aid, but with a couple of strings attached. First of all, everyone in the state had to get their Covid vaccinations and wear masks in public. Medical exemptions only. Then they’d have to demonstrate that they have structured their voting laws to provide truly fair elections. If they decided those conditions were too draconian, I’d have hopped on Air Force One, offering my incredibly helpful thoughts and prayers, and returned to civilization to help people who actually deserved help and are not stupid enough to shout “Let’s go Brandon” at the guy who is there to help them.

Look, if the red states, which still include most of those that formed the Confederacy, had it their way, nothing would have changed after they supposedly acquiesced at Appommatox. Actually, outside of the fact that they, at least formally, no longer have slavery, not much has.

The differences between red states and blue can be summed up for the most part through recognizing that whatever is good and life enhancing for people, the reds oppose. Refer to my blog, “The Pro-Death Party” for details.

Let’s end the Civil War now by allowing the red states to secede unimpeded, bidding them a fond farewell with, as my Uncle Al liked to say, “Don’t let the door hit you in the butt on your way out.”

The nation of “Red-federation” would not be subject to the laws or taxes of the “Blue-nited States” and would receive no financial, military or other support from that nation nor representation in its government. They would collect their own taxes which would be minimal since they don’t believe in government programs like health and human services, environmental protection, education or child welfare like those commie blue states. Each nation would have it’s own constitution and system of government. The Blue-nited States, then, could select leaders and make laws without being impeded constantly by the Redfederation, and vice-versa. Election fraud would no longer be an issue.

There would be no need for hostilities between the two nations. The borders would be open such as they are in the EU and trade would flow freely. If citizens of either nation did not like the laws of their home nation, they would be free to emigrate without any red tape attached.

Eventually everyone would wind up where they fit best and, presumably, would be content. The great cultural divide (which, face it, can never be resolved ) would not be viewed as a problem, but rather as a blessing by both sides. Live and let live, in whichever nation you prefer.

Write to President Biden and your Representatives today. Tell them it’s time to end the Civil War, and this is how we should do it. When they see the wisdom of this plan how could they fail to make it a reality? You can thank me when they do.


  1. I’ve wondered at how Kentucky who have Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell for senators managed to elect a democratic governor who seems like a decent person.

    Upstate NY is waiting for sleet and snow today.


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