The Pro-Death Party

Of their multitude of lies, what’s the Republican party’s biggest? That Trump won? Nope. The biggest lie is its claim to being the “Pro-Life” party.

Democrats, who are often associated with the term “Pro-Choice,” actually endorse unrestricted freedom of choice only in a single instance. A woman’s right to choose. This happens to be the one choice the Republicans, who usually oppose any law or edict that limits personal freedom of choice, would withhold.

Given their insistence that the government may not restrict individual rights in any other way, the name “Pro-Choice” would more aptly apply to Republicans, wouldn’t it? Perhaps, but I propose a better label.


“Pro-Life” more rightly applies to the Democrats. But oh, you may say, how can they claim to be pro-life if abortion is murder? We can’t give people a choice to murder, can we? In a recent blog on abortion, I pointed out that murder is often societally condoned. It all depends on context.

The disregard for human life that characterizes the Pro-Death party is mind boggling. What follows is a partial list of the many ways these so called Pro-Lifers are actually assisting the Grim Reaper on his daily rounds.

They would rather die from Covid than save themselves, and more importantly, the rest of us, by accepting a safe and effective injection while, at the same time refusing to respect rational mask and vaccination mandates. This includes mandates issued by private corporations whose freedom to do anything they damn well please has long been a cornerstone of Republican dogma. By stupidly permitting themselves to unnecessarily contract Covid, they and those innocent people they infect fill up ICUs depriving people with other life threatening illnesses the care they need.

Kindly tell me, to which party do the kind of people who threaten to murder school board members, voting officials, judges, legislators, members of Congress, governors if they dare carry out their pledge to conduct their actions according to the law usually belong? Members of which party taunt, insult and even kill people whose race, religion or sexual identities and preferences they disapprove of? Overwhelmingly these are members of the Pro-Death party.

Pro-Death legislators constantly block any life saving governmental oversight of industry, including, for example, food, water, transportation and consumer product safety. The results are deadly.

By making lethal weapons available to any random yahoo and permitting said gun obsessed loonies to brandish them whenever and wherever they please, Pro-Deathers are responsible for a huge and burgeoning number of preventable deaths.

Republicans are against providing life saving medical care, a humane standard of living and good education to the downtrodden masses. The result is preventable pain, suffering and early death. This includes a high rate of infant mortality disproportionately prevalent in offspring of the underpriviledged. How better can Republicans demonstrate the validity of the charge that they believe “life begins at conception and ends at birth?”

They further endorse death by denying climate change or, at least the fact that we, if not having fully caused it, have made it a lot worse They are on the side of death by opposing any environmental programs or regulations that might help prevent the imminent eradication of the our species.

They are also in favor of the death of our democratic system of government, which, as you may have noticed, is currently on a respirator. When they take over as the majority party in all three branches, which, as things look now, is likely, they will gleefully pull the plug.

So tell me. Which party actually is pro-life? Isn’t it the Democrats, those who endorse and try to enact programs that enhance and preserve life and who are blocked at every turn by the Pro-Death party?

Let’s call the Pro-Deathers by the name that actually describes them. If they are so hell bent on speeding up their transit time to the hereafter, let them do so for themselves alone. Meanwhile, please leave us actual Pro-Lifers in peace so the we may carry out the task of making this world a place that supports health, well being and longevity for our fellow citizens and for our progeny.

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