Just When You Thought You Were Safe

Well! I just got an email from WordPress telling me that they billed me for my domaine name and for whatever else the basic plan includes at a much cheaper rate than the “premium” plan I got a deal on a couple of years ago. When I declined to continue the premium plan, whatever that was, I had thought I was cancelling my blog site, but, apparently no such luck.

As readers, you are surely aware that I am full of opinions and observations ( and, according to some, another substance we will not mention here.) Every day, while I read the Washington Post, my mind composes at least a half dozen op-eds or letters to editors that I don’t write, because theres a limit on how often they will print individuals. Also, if you can imagine such a thing happening, often when I do submit the essay is rejected.

Since you are a member of an elite club who seem to appreciate my point of view, I think you would enjoy reading the rejects as well as some composed solely to be published in this site. Hey, I’m paying for it, so why not use it? In the future, you may be receiving notifications of such blogs.

I still have no plans to write another novel and certainly not another Lester novel. I hope you liked the way I ended the trilogy. It felt satisfying to me to end the story on a hopeful note and to the sound of music which has always been one of the joys of my life. If I have not mentioned it before, I am a guitarist of mediocre talent who has done some performing with bands and solo. I wanted Lester to embrace his human existence of his own free will for the sake of having the full experience of life, the joy of loving someone for the duration, that requires us to be mortal. The main drawback of life is, of course, death, but living a full earthly life beats heaven any day in my book(s).

Speaking of heaven and all that malarky, after many, many years of not having had contact with the old friend who inspired “Percy” in “The Brief Long-Term Therapy…..” chapter, “The Jury is Out,” he responded to my letter to him informing him that despite the fact there is no afterlife, he will, at least, be immortal in my pages. It led to a spirited exchange of emails since “Percy” continues to be an evangelical and wears red caps. Despite being at loggerheads about everything, for the sake of our adolescent friendship, we have soldiered through the process of exchanging our diametrically opposed ideas. He has given me a window into the mind of the stereotype of an ultra-conservative, born again, white male which, if not always pleasant, has been instructive.

Things are tough right now, but let’s stay hopeful. The way I look at it, our generation has had, maybe, too easy a ride compared to most of our progenitors, so we’re due for some misery. It builds character. If we survive. Stay alive and keep growing. Somehow the world will go on and things will move forward. It always does, even if at a snail’s pace.

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