“Guitars of the Gods: The Redemption of A. Lester Lord now available


Now live on Amazon books and Kindle, this, the final chapter in the A. Lester Lord Trilogy follows Lester after he has lost his bid for Congress thanks to the interference of Luce who also was behind the Russian interference with the presidential election. Now Lester desperately seeks to find a way to contact Boss and beg for his help to save humanity from the certain extinction that will ensue from the disastrous policies of the new president. Luce needs us to destroy ourselves in order to win his bets and take over Headquarters

Lester, meanwhile, has become a professor of philosophy, ironically teaching a course on the classical arguments pro and con God’s existence while he pursues wedding plans with mixed emotions that may destroy his last chance to keep Julie and becomes the drummer in Julie’s brother’s band, Mostly Blue.

The book concludes with a huge rock concert that may decide the fate of Mankind.

If you enjoyed the previous two books, “Cosmic Casino: The True Word of A. Lester Lord” and “The Brief Long-Term Therapy of A. Lester Lord,” you will love this one.

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